Introduction of flagship sites


Earle Wright and his cattle.

The flagship program is one of the most important IKHMG initiatives. Flagship farming is about demonstrating and sharing understanding of what sustainable best-practice looks like and how on-farm practices can contribute to the restoration of the Kaipara Harbour.

Flagship farming is not about performing any differently from other farms
its about improving land and stock management to both add to farm bottom lines and to ongoing environmental sustainability.  Flagship farms go beyond just following guidelines and principles in relation to ‘best practice’, but also provide an opportunity to share knowledge and experience of farming smarter, and to establish a strong relationships between landowners, the community and the environment.
Flagship farming is not unique to the Kaipara – There are some interesting flagship farming examples from around the world demonstrating that environment sustainability and ethical practice is also economically efficient.

So, we would like everyone to know what we are doing in this land, in the place we live, work and play!.

Introducing … Earle Wright, dairy farmer of Taporapora

Roger Taylor, General Manager of Hanerau Farms, Maungaturoto


The program started on 2011, after nearly four years developing, we have achieved:

  1. 9 out of 11 sites established with partners (includes 8 farms and 1 industrial site )
  2. 40,000 trees planted at sites
  3. 11 field days attracting around 420 participants (50% farmers) have been held
  4. Over 4 km riparian and coastal fencing has been completed
  5. 6 farm plans and water quality improvement plans developed
  6. Outreach through media and networking
  7. Mentoring other landowners
  8. Expertise spreadout from sites to partners and neighbours
  9. Research: two years of baseline monitoring programs at 9 sites (measuring water quality, cultural health, visual soil assessment, freshwater & coastal fauna and flora)Learn more about our coming event that giving you more detail about our Kaipara Moana.The event page:
     — >> Looking back … thinking forward << —



    Northland dairy farming brothers Earle & Kevin Wright and the Unitec Comms team.

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