Graeme Sait – World Soil Health Expert (Guest speaker at our event)

Don’t miss this chance to hear a World leader in soil, human and planetary wellness speak.

 guest-speaker - graeme sait

Graeme Sait is the CEO and co-founder of Nutri-Tech Solutions (NTS), a world leader in biological agriculture. He is also an internationally renowned speaker, an expert in nutrition, author of “Nutrition Rules” and has published over 300 articles.

Graeme travels the world spreading the word about the importance of soil and human nutrition. He created the internationally acclaimed, four day, Certificate in Sustainable Agriculture and has trained over 20,000 farmers and consultants internationally. With a depth understanding of ecology, soil, bacteria and fungi, Graeme Sait has the formula to bring the land back into sustainability and strategies of eliminating chemicals that ends up into the Harbour.

His captivating presentations cover every aspect of wellness and his deliverance are infused with entertainment style while delivering educational and inspirational speeches. His presentation are often described as “life changing”.

Do not miss out on this two day symposium of Kaipara Moana   Looking Back…Thinking Forward event happening this weekend 15-16 November, Te Ao Marama Centre, Te Hana. Don’t’ forget that the event will be filled with expert speakers including acclaimed nutrition specialist – Graeme Sait.

Please register and come and learn strategies to improve the health of our farm, our Harbour, our land and our water.

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