The IKHMG: A Collaborative Approach or Integrated Approach?

The “Second Report of the Land & Water Forum: Setting Limits for Water Quality and Quantity, Freshwater Policy – and Plan-Making Through Collaboration. April 2012” defines ‘collaboration’ (pg88):

“Working with a wide range of interested parties in each aspect of decision-making process, including the development of alternatives and the preferred solution(s).  Collaboration provides a greater level of input on the design of the approach and the options and solutions identified than consultation and many other forms of public and sector engagement.”

The Kaipara Moana He Mahere Rautaki Whakakotahi Integrated Strategic Plan of Action (Nov 2012) explains and describes ‘integrated management’ as collaborative, multi-stakeholder and partnerships approach.

This blog entry isn’t about the pro’s and con’s of whats better only simply to highlight the key successful attributes of integrated management and that the IKHMG is one model of the concept of collaboration.  Our starting point (and our ending point 🙂 is our common vision, a healthy and productive Kaipara Harbour.  There is consensus on our vision from our Kaipara fishers, boaties, farmers, environmentalists, landowners, businesses, hapu, tupuna and our mokopuna and children.  A clean, healthy, productive Kaipara Harbour is what we all value and this is shaped by our different worldviews.  I would suggest that with the process of collaboration surely comes a vision which will lead to longterm security (for business & resource), intergenerational benefits, community resilience, ecosystem function & services.

What we have learnt doing this kaupapa is that it has been important to develop our own framework of working and collaborating together.  A framework that is shaped and formed by our vision, principles (both Western Science and Matauranga Māori) and longterm objectives.

Well thats enough brain-teasing on this cold afternoon in NZ.  Your thoughts on all this….ka kite ano,


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